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LED Triangle Wall Light RGB

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Bring your home environment to life with a splendid display of style & functionality

Have you ever had the pleasure of owning something visually stunning and artistic? Our LED Triangle Wall Light RGB is exactly that and more.

Hand-finished by world-class artisans and craftsmen, this exquisite masterpiece is a true testament to the finest craftsmanship that will bring your home decoration game to a whole new level.

Perfect as a gift for art lovers, new house opening, birthday gifts, home decor, etc.

Product Details:

  • Product size: 15.2*13.2*2.8CM
  • Output voltage: 12V
  • Output current: 3A
  • Stand-alone power: 1W
  • Product color: white
  • Light color: RGB
  • Single socket: 3 USB sockets
  • Switching Mode: Bluetooth; Music Control; Remote Control
  • Product material: ABS

Remote control mode: remote control + touch control

Bluetooth control mode: Bluetooth APP + touch control + music control

Product Features:

  •  The product is an equilateral triangle row, with a side length of 15.2CM, and is equipped with 12 high-brightness RGB LED lamp beads.
  • 12V1A, one power supply can provide less than 20 lights at the same time, and there are 3 USB ports on three sides of each light. You can power other 12V products, but not 5V products.
  • There is no touch function.

Bluetooth Controller:

The mobile phone Bluetooth APP controls the discoloration mode, which can be monochrome or discolored, with magical color effects, dynamic flow, very beautiful colors, and easy DIY various shapes.

Music Control:

Music synchronous voice-activated light color change + radio frequency RF remote control color change mode, can be monochrome, can also change color, hallucination effect, dynamic flow, the color is very beautiful, easy to DIY various shapes

Remote control:

The color changing method of the RF remote control can be monochrome or color changing, phantom effect, dynamic flow, the color is very beautiful, and you can easily DIY various shapes.


Wire the lights together so that the structure best fits the shape you need.